EP 01

After a journey of several months across the galaxy, Xiaolong reached the planet Earth. Xiaolong was forced to make an emergency landing in the backyard of an ordinary suburban village. A girl, named Mia, woke up to a terrible noise in her backyard, decided to see what was going on and immediately went down the stairs. What she saw defied explanation. Everything that seemed like fantasy and fiction before was in her garden. Mia was about to die of fright when her eyes fell on a very cute creature that obviously posed no danger. The creature, which resembled a cactus or a cute animal, ran confusedly back to his … his ship … She didn’t quite understand what was going on, but she took courage and got closer and closer to the creature. Although Xiaolong did not understand human language, Mia and he formed a kind of bond where all words were superfluous. Mia took him with her. She could only guess how long it had taken him to get to Earth and tried to provide him with all the comforts of home. That night she couldn’t sleep, a few hours later she went down to check on her alien friend, but his bed was empty. At that moment, she just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t. Mia heard Xiaolong making unintelligible sounds outside and found him sitting in the backyard. She went to him. In his hands he held something that looked very similar to a tablet.

EP 02


On Xiaolong’s tablet was a photo of his family. “They take photos too, it’s interesting”, Mia thought, “even if they don’t look like us at all. And what if they live in houses like us, maybe they also have transportation, schools…” Hundreds of questions appeared in her mind, to which she would like to get answers. When Xiaolong saw Mia, he was immediately distracted from his memories and returned to the problem that had happened: his spaceship was damaged during landing, and his entire mission could not be carried out as planned; his civilization, and possibly not only his, was in danger. Without the necessary spare parts, he would never return home. Mia noticed Xiaolong’s concern and decided to help him. Well disguised, she went shopping with her alien friend. He needed a light bulb, just like ours, but with more power. After passing many stores, they finally discovered something that could help him. Mia was about to pay when Xiaolong suddenly couldn’t take it anymore and joyfully held out his hand for the coveted part. This could not go unnoticed…. The vendor was horrified, his screams could be heard all over the street. Panicked, Mia noticed passersby and vendors from neighboring stores looking at her. No wonder they started screaming that she was hiding a monster. Mia quickly grabbed the light bulb and she and Xiaolong fled the shopping street. The witnesses to the incident chased them furiously, arming themselves with whatever they had at hand. But how surprised they were when they caught up with the fugitives in the backyard of Mia’s house and saw a large spaceship. Anger turned to fear, but Xiaolong slowly walked toward them.